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PRE-ORDER: Movement Tee

Mountain Blue
Natural White
Charcoal Black
Earth Red

This product is under development, but you can already pre-order to make sure you are one of the first to wear this awesome tee-shirt.

This product will thus not be shipped together with the equipment. You will however not need to pay extra shipping for this :) er.

This is our ultimate performance active wear t-shirt, made from 100% eco friendly and biodegradable material. Your go to movement wear with sustainable "dry-tec" in a light weight quality in a plain natural colour for easily to match up with mostly of your clothes. 

The fit is slightly loose, but still not too big. It's perfect for all kind of movement, even if you're upside down. 

Our policy in Movement Made is to eliminate the use of synthetic fabrics and sources of micro plastic. Therefore our t-shirt is made of EcoVero, a biodegradable textile made from sustainable wood sources. In this shirt we utilise EcoVero's natural stretchy properties combined with a special high quality knit instead of the commonly used elastane/spandex. The presence of elastane or spandex alone (even just 1-2% content) will render the fabric impossible to recycle and will contribute to non biodegradable trash in our landfills. 

- A 100% biodegradable textile made from wood <3 Stronger, more breathable and sustainable than cotton.

hand wash with love