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Minimalist Gym Rings - gymnastics training rings

Add-ons & upgrades

Not just a traditional gym ring - The innovative, patent pending Minimalist Gym Ring has eliminated everything unnecessary and even improved functionality compared to regular gymnastics rings.

Sacrifice nothing, reduce complexity, weight, volume and ecological foot print. The Movement Made™ Minimalist Gym Rings is easier to set up, easier to bring along, easier on the planet and easier on the eyes. Bring them with you where ever you go and set up your gym hassle-free with unlimited training opportunities.

These rings can be used for everything from pull-up to muscle-up, dips, push-ups as well as core exercises and isolation exercises. You will have 100% freedom to adjust the training rings, easier than ever before with our patent bending strap set-up. This means that you can also step-wise progress exercises in a structured way. 

  • Rings: 100% sustainably sourced wood
  • Rope: Durable, strong synthetic fibres created from 100% ocean collected plastics by OCEANYARN®.
  • Straps: 90% organic cotton for comfort, 10% synthetic fibre for strength and durability
  • Buckles: 100% recycled aluminium
  • Rubber loop to store excess strap: 100% natural rubber from FSC certified sustainable rubber plantation
  • Strap length: 5 metres
  • Max load: 150kg (one ring)
  • Ring diametre: 36mm
  • Adjustable height: 0 - 2.4m in regular mode, 0 - 5m in single strap mode.
  • Weight: 0,8 kg

⅓ of a gym ring is all you really need