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Add natural rubber bands

The MultiStrap is a multifunctional tool for bodyweight strength, mobility and flexibility training, traditional fitness training and yoga. Made to have endless of uses it is the ultimate minimalist equipment for bodyweight and movement training.

While it will have a variety of stand alone use cases, it is carefully designed to use it in combination with other products of Movement Made to further improve their functionality. 

From a resistance adjustment system in combination with the rubber bands, or adjustable yoga/stretching strap, to quick set-up for the minimalist gym rings, simplistic weight belt, or door anchor. Only creativity will limits its use cases.

Multiple usage:

  • anchor for rubberbands
  • weight belt for dips, pull-ups and handstand pushups
  • it can be used as a yoga strap for stretching and measuring progress in mobility and flexibility exercises 
  • 2x MultiStrap can be used as a quick strap set up for gymnastics rings.
  • It can be used to replace metal chains for dip belts 
  • It can be used to measure distances for consistent bodyweight training where distances are used to increase, or decrease difficulty.
  • Can be used as a door anchor for both gymnastics rings and for rubber bands
  • + much more 
  • Strap: 90% organic cotton for comfort, 10% synthetic fibres for strength and durability.
  • Buckles: 100% recycled aluminium
  • length: 140 cm
  • maximum load: 200kg

Complete Progressional Freedom

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
IG Profile: ulriklion
The perfect weightbelt!

This multistrap works really well as a weightbelt. Especially if you, like me, don't do super heavy lifts. I mostly work with 20-50kg, and for that purpose it does a great job. The fact that it essentially takes up no place in my already stuffed gym bag is my favorite thing about this product!

IG Profile: ultrapuggy
Very useful buckles

Very useful buckles that allow you to use as a counterweight pulley, dynamic anchor point for the bands, and other things. The buckles save time you would spend tying a knot or using sliding ring strap to the right setting.

Hugo Fernández Fernández
Love to gave numbers for reference

Love to have numbers for reference and measure levels within the exercises.

Daniel Rahme
IG Profile: dannepatur
Will last for a long time

Great quality and feels like it will last for a long time!

I appreciate its a versatile piece of equipment

The idea and use cases are very good, I would like to see more specific guidance on how it can be used. I appreciate its a versatile piece of equipment, I really like it for adjusting the assistance from bands. I find the clips to be far too tight and difficult to get the strap on and off