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Parallettes - Movement Made FatBars

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Take Your Workout Anywhere with Portable Wooden Parallettes

Our portable wooden parallettes are designed with several features to make your workout comfortable and effective. They are FSC certified, meaning the parallettes are made from sustainably sourced wood.The material makes the parallettes non-slip, and ensures you have a secure grip during your workout. Additionally, they feature a fat grip for ultimate control and comfort during your workout. And best of all, they are portable so you can take them with you wherever you go!

  • Reduce wrist pressure in handstands and exercises where your hands are on the ground (push-ups, L-sit, planche etc.)
  • Increased control and comfort
  • Safely practice moves for parallel bars
  • 100% sustainably sourced Romanian wood
  • Hardcore silicon non-slip pads
  • Fat grip - 5cm diameter
  • Minimal design (a cm x b cm x c cm)

Why parallettes?

Customer Reviews

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Monica Stert
IG Profile: @itsamonsworld
In love 🥰

I love these parallettes! They day they arrived, I had to take them for a spin and they are so comfy and feel really well made. Normal width parallettes or pbars often hurt my hands after a high volume of training but the wide grip feels so nice and comfortable with the Movement Made ones. So far they’ve been amazing for my hspu and plants training, but they are so fun, comfortable, and easy to balance on that I might not go back to balancing on the floor 😝

Björn Heinrichs
IG Profile: @sd_calisthenics_athlete

Nothing to improve

Yoel Ballega
IG Profile: Yes @yoelballega
“Fat grip” parallettes are awesome

As a profesional calisthenics athlete and personal trainer I have used tons of equipment and I can state that this parallettes are one of the best I have ever tried! The grip is awesome, they don’t slide and the design is beautiful! Muy agradecido!

Excellent parallettes!

Really satisfied with these. They truly give an excellent grip due to the thick grip and the fact that it's made of wood. My favourite thing about them is the size, I can easily have them stored in my gym bag without it taking up too much space!

Sondre berg
Fat Grip = Better grip

These parallettes was designed with minimalism and functionality in mind. To me, it’s mind blowing that all other parallettes out there have such a skinny grip.

These parallettes have thick grip to better support your wrists, increase your control and to make everything where you support your bodyweight with your hands more comfy 😊

And they are just the amount of parallettes needed - nothing more, nothing less 🔥