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Minimalist Gym Rings - gymnastics training rings

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Not just a traditional gym ring - The innovative, patent pending Minimalist Gym Ring has eliminated everything unnecessary and even improved functionality compared to regular gymnastics rings.

Sacrifice nothing, reduce complexity, weight, volume and ecological foot print. The Movement Made™ Minimalist Gym Rings is easier to set up, easier to bring along, easier on the planet and easier on the eyes. Bring them with you wherever you go and set up your gym hassle-free with unlimited training opportunities.

These rings can be used for everything from pull-up to muscle-up, dips, push-ups as well as core exercises and isolation exercises. You will have 100% freedom to adjust the training rings, easier than ever before with our patent bending strap set-up. This means that you can also step-wise progress exercises in a structured way. 

  • Rings: 100% sustainably sourced wood
  • Rope: Durable, strong synthetic fibres created from 100% ocean collected plastics by OCEANYARN®.
  • Straps: 90% organic cotton for comfort, 10% synthetic fibre for strength and durability
  • Buckles: 100% recycled aluminium
  • Rubber loop to store excess strap: 100% natural rubber from FSC certified sustainable rubber plantation
  • Strap length: 5 metres
  • Max load: 150kg (one ring)
  • Ring diametre: 36mm
  • Adjustable height: 0 - 2.4m in regular mode, 0 - 5m in single strap mode.
  • Weight: 0,8 kg

⅓ of a gym ring is all you really need

Customer Reviews

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Evgen Filatov
IG Profile: whatthefil
Rings I always dreamed of

I have always wanted a pair of compact rings that I could easily carry to the gym or while travelling. These rings are even better as they are smaller but have the same width as regular rings, making them comfortable to hold.
Size and weight are not the only advantages of these rings. They are much easier to set up and pack back due to the long, durable straps and the mechanism that differs from regular rings. Unlike regular rings, clipping and adjusting are not mixed in the same attachment. This allows you to set up the height, detach, attach again, and have the same setup. The closest analogy to these rings would be with TRX.
I want to credit the design of the straps. The thicker end makes folding intuitive and allows you to pack your rings back to their original state in under a minute.
Every single detail in this product has been well thought out.

IG Profile: bravos.john
Not having the top of the ring really helps

Not having the top of the ring really helps with not scratching your arm specially with dips. Plus, very comfortable to travel. It feels really good quality wise, fat and comfortable grip. The long strap method is so cool, opening up many possible places to hang that would be impossible otherwise.

Rings Review

Tested the rings for the first time today. They just felt amazing:) easy to install and it felt very robust. And after the workout you just can « fold » them and throw in your back pack without taking any space ! I’m moving a lot so this fit perfectly to me so I can workout everywhere. I definitly recommend them !!! Thank you Sondre and thank you for your effort to reduice the impact on our blue planet ☘️


I designed these Minimalist Gym Rings, but I also use them - Every day! I bring them when I travel, I set them up at home, and I take them to the gym 😊

They are lighter, take up less space, easier to set up and more beautiful to look at compared to regular gym rings. Do me, how they're made is also important. Sustainably sourced wood to prevent deforesting, ropes made from ocean bound plastics and straps out of mainly organic cotton. And of course, happy, hard working and fairly treated workers 😊

I use them with the standard strap and often with the MultiStraps. Some times when traveling, I even get use for the long strap mode (up to 2.5m long), where you use the standard straps without doubling the straps. This is made available due to our buckle design 🔥

This product is a dream I made come true ❤️

Leo Barash
Very well made

The quality is great. Very well made. The 1/3 ring design does make them more compact and easier to pack but there are some exercises that are easier with a full ring. Also, for pulling movements I prefer a diameter that is a little smaller.